Sleep Mode

July 14, 2012 - Posted In Uncategorized 1 Comment

Hey all revisits and new comers who stumble upon this. Stereogrove is currently a sleeping giant, Resting Peacefully. Our amazing bassplayer Tony Hollums was shipped south to  New Orleans via a fed ex mistake and the project was put on hold (side note: always insure your packages). This of course angered guitarist Matt “Mr. Smooth” Smith, and the resulting fist fight ended with drummer Matt “3rd string special teams” Butler to receive 3 black eyes and a child.  Aj has since vanished declaring “society is dead” and was reported last seen in the northwest territory of Canada living inside a Wildebeest.

We would love to thank everyone who as supported us over the years, coming out to shows and rocking out with us. It was the best times of our lives. Of course we still have the tunes so check them out on the next page if you want a flashback.

Also, you can still see us in action…